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  • When did the issue occur?
  • Has the problem happened before?
  • What steps led to failure?
  • What symptoms are reported?
  • What errors/warnings have been triggered with SvSAN?

Severity 1 - Critial DownDEFINITION:

There is a major issue that is severely impacting the business operations.

- Substantial loss of service and data is unavailable resulting in business operations being severely disrupted.
- All or a substantial portion of mission critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption.


- A production SvSAN environment is down/unavailable or at severe risk of failure. Data is unavailable. An issue with SvSAN has resulted in data corruption or data loss.
- An issue with SvSAN may have resulted in data corruption or data loss.

Severity 2 - DegradedDEFINITION:

There is limited impact to business operation.

- Functionality is severely impaired. However, data is available and operations can continue in a restricted fashion.
- Major performance issues related to storage are being experienced.
- There is risk of further failures which would escalate the issue to Severity 1.


- A production SvSAN environment is not currently in a highly available or optimal state, with no workaround available.

Severity 3 - MinorDEFINITION:

There is minor impact on the business.

- A non-production system (e.g. test system, evaluation/proof of concept environment) is down or degraded.
- Non-critical functionality has been lost.
- Minor performance issues related to storage are being experienced.


- A SvSAN environment is in a degraded state. However, there is a workaround in place to ensure the storage is available to ensure the data is available.

Severity 4 - NormalDEFINITION:

There is no impact to the business.


- General product usage questions.
- Cosmetic issues including minor display issues, errors/feedback in the documentation.
- Feature requests or product improvments.

NOTE: Hover over severity name to see example scenario.

To ensure the most expedient resolution and root cause, please upload the VSA diagnostic files.
To get a system diagnostic dump:

From the VSA WebGUI

  1. Select System > System Diagnostics.
  2. Download and upload with this case
NOTE: You can upload only up to 4 files and no more then 150MB of data in total.