Maintenance & Support Overview

Read this guide to understand the Maintenance & Support levels and policies.

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 Customer Support How To Guide

Read this guide to understand how to interface with StorMagic Support and raise an issue.

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Maintenance & Support - Enterprise Support

Maintenance & Support provides 24/7 peace of mind, allowing organizations to focus on the rest of their business. A consolidated and easy approach, it provides instant access to support resources and includes automated product updates, knowledgebase access, live-chat and email support from our certified support staff.

Maintenance & Support provides a maximum of four-hour response time with a maintenance program for the lifecycle of the product.

StorMagic support services have been designed with enterprise customers in mind and customers are guaranteed access to executive management.

For Platinum Customers
*24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Americas: +1 321 214 0915
Europe: +44 203 432 7622
APAC: +44 203 432 7622

*Global, 24x7 support for critical issues