StorMagic Enterprise Support

Technical Services provide a support model designed with enterprise protection & maintenance at the fore.
Maintenance & Support provides 24/7 peace of mind, allowing organizations to focus on primary business priorities.
A consolidated & easy approach, it provides instant access to support resources & includes product updates, email & WebEx support from our certified Technical Services team.

Portal Access

Email addresses, supplied to StorMagic on purchase, will automatically be eligible for support.
On emailing an account will automatically be created within our Technical Services Support portal.
An automated email will be received with a link to create your password.
Please note, if you didn’t receive the automated email, to check spam filtering.
Logging in to the portal enables software package download, knowledgebase access & support ticket creation.
Alternatively Select 'Sign in' on the portal, & 'Sign up'.

Gold Customers

Technical Services Support can be contacted between 9am-5pm UTC/DST customer local time by logging in & creating a support ticket or by emailing

Platinum Customers

Technical Services Support can be contacted between 7am – 1am UTC/DST by creating a support ticket or by emailing
Platinum customers also have direct phone access to Technical Services engineers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Severity 1 & 2 issues.
By completing the below request form, utilizing the supplied telephone number & PIN code to call in, you'll reach a StorMagic Engineer.


Request Platinum Call Access (Opens in a new tab for mobile browsers)


SEVERITY 1 CRITICAL DOWN There is a major issue that is severely impacting the business operations
  • Substantial loss of service and data is unavailable resulting in business operations being severely disrupted
  • All or a substantial portion of mission critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption
  • A production environment is down/unavailable or at severe risk of failure. Data is unavailable.
  • An issue with StorMagic software may have resulted in data corruption or data loss.
SEVERITY 2 DEGRADED There is limited impact to business operation
  • Functionality is severely impaired. However, data is available and operations can continue in a restricted fashion
  • Major performance issues related to storage are being experienced
  • There is risk of further failures which would escalate the issue to Severity 1
  • A production environment is not currently in a highly available, replicated or optimal state, with no workaround available.
SEVERITY 3 MINOR There is minor impact on the business
  • A non-production system (e.g. test system, evaluation/proof of concept environment) is down or degraded
  • Non-critical functionality has been lost
  • Minor performance issues related to storage are being experienced
  • An environment is in a degraded state. However, there is a workaround in place to ensure the software is functional.
SEVERITY 4 NORMAL There is no impact to the business
  • General product usage questions
  • Cosmetic issues including minor display issues, errors/feedback in the documentation
  • Feature requests or product improvements